In a world of ever-changing brands, productsand trends, ELAC builds on its heritage withvision to push thinking beyond the present.This is ELAC, founded on a commitment tomaking the best sound in the world. It beganon September 1, 1926 in Kiel, Germany, whenElectroacustic GmbH was founded to focuson the development of sonar technology andthe research of signal and sound channels inair and water.

ELAC’s passion for music and fascinationwith sound followed with their firstconsumer audio product, the PW1 recordplayer in 1948. ELAC continued to lead theburgeoning audio industry with innovativeturntables and electronics. During the 1970sand 1980s, every serious music lover had ahigh-quality turntable, and the fortunate fewowned an ELAC, the backbone of the finestsound systems.

By 1984, ELAC began designing loudspeakersin conjunction with AXIOM ElectroacousticSpeaker Specialists. One year later, ELAC’snewly developed 4Pi omnidirectional tweeter,a driver that combined extended range withbroad dispersion, bringing true “high end” tohigh-end audio. It turned the listening worldon its collective ear and launched ELAC intothe company of the most elite speakermanufacturers.

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